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I am having virgin CDMA mobile No 9258776153 in Agra India.I am paid for the incoming calls from 15-08-2010 as I had got a recharge done for incoming calls for Rs 79 on 15-08-2010 which is valid upto 14-08-2011 .The company was contacted a good number of times on 1259991 and 125991 the customer care executives but they have stated that I am not paid for incoming calls at all .I am actually not paid for incoming calls from 14-04-2011 onwards till date .Now when I lastly inquired on 19-04-2011 at customer helpline they have informed an astonishing fact that Rs 1=0 is being deducted from my phone from 08-05-2011 for special recharge done by me but actually I have not got any special voucher recharge done in my mobile phone No

since the day I have purchased the sim .My call rates are Rs 0=50 for local and Rs 1=00 for STD which are in force till date and I have not got ant special voucher recharge done in my mobile .I had requested the customer care persons namely Shri Kap and Shri Shailendra to get me connected to an officer senior to them but they refused and said there is no provision.At 3.00 PM today Shri Shailendra customer care officials gave me a name of Shri Vinod and agreed to connect me but he kept on hold for more than 10 minutes and lastly refused.

The Virgin which has been taken over by TATA is requested to look in the matter and do justice immediately and call for explanation of concerned erroneous officials and provide me the money for incoming calls from 14-04-2011 and reverse amt amount deducted on behalf of any special recharge tariff voucher as I am having the details of last two years recharges done my me in my mobile No and no special tariff recharge is done by me in my mobile No because my rates are Rs 0=50 paisa local and Rs 1=00 for STD.Tata is suggested to strengthen their cuatomer helphine and the upline of Customer Executive should be there if the lower order is unable to solve the problem .The problem is persisting since 14-04-2011 but no help no assistance and no proper reply

Davendra nath pandya

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